Will Kangana show new colors in the new year?

-Ali Peter John

Throughout 2021 (and even 2020), Kangana Ranaut was seen in all sorts of dark and bitter moods and colours. She was always in the middle of some controversy.

All this after the mysterious and unfortunate death of Sushant Singh Rajput in his fight against nepotism and the unnecessary fight launched against the women agitating at Shaheen Bagh and then his hollow attacks against the striking farmers and his blatant attacks against them. started against. His volatile war against Bollywood gangs and Maharashtra CM Mr. Uddhav Thackeray and his lieutenant Sanjay Raut and some of the Bollywood leaders like Mrs. Jaya Bachchan.

In the midst of all this uproar, people forgot her ability and worked as a good actress. And it was her lack of interest as an actress that led her to believe that her most ambitious film, “Thalaivi”, could not be successful in any of the four languages ​​that were released. Did she pay a heavy price for her clout in politics as an actress and raising controversies that had their roots in dirty politics?

2021 has come to an end, but will it also end the Queen’s reign as the creator of controversies that could have been avoided? Only 2022 can provide the answer to this very important question.

2022 could rescue actress Kangana from Kangna, a novice politician who has enjoyed living in a dream world of her own (remember how she said “Azadi in 1947, we got it in begging, true freedom toh… We met in 2014″).

She has been silent for a long time, but the way she has been behaving for the last few years, nothing can be said.

But I can always say that basically she is one of our better actresses. And if she can be saved as an actress, then she can only do what can save them, and if there is one year in which she can save those actresses, then that year is 2022.

Kangana has the best and most exciting movies to come in 2022. There are films like ‘Dhaakad’ ‘Tejas’, ‘Aparajita Ayodhya’, ‘Sita’, ‘Manikarnika 2 – Return of Gidda’ and some of the films that he has planned by the production company. She has all the best roles that no other actress has today and I know she can and will do justice to her roles. But what about the politician in it? Will the ambitious and ambitious politician in her be better than the actress in her? I hope Kangana Ranaut is rejected by actress Kangana Ranaut

May the sound of Kangana’s bracelet reach her heart and mind and she walks on a new path that will bring her happiness, peace and prosperity.

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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