Will Saravanan, the icon of chicken, be expelled from the cooking competition?

Vijay TV’s Raja Rani 2 serial is currently airing its favorite storyline. Because every time Saravanan went for a cooking competition he faced various problems and Sandhya is recovering from it.

In that sense a new problem has now arisen. This is because the festival is held in the town of Saravanan and the people in his town follow the rule that meat should not be touched or eaten after salvage.

But now Saravanan was given the new task of cooking chicken in a cooking competition. So Saravanan’s mother tells him to leave the match and go back to the city, so Sandhya somehow manages to get Saravanan to participate in the match.

After that Sandhya comes up with an idea and cooks it with a different ingredient in response to the chicken and makes it look like chicken. The judges who praised Saravanan’s cooked food also decided to send Saravanan to the finals.

But at the time Saravanan was subjected to various criticisms rather than saying that it was not chicken and the spectators, including the umpires, shouted for him to leave the match.

After this, Raja Rani 2 serial is going on with the excitement whether Saravanan will continue in the cooking competition or not. But Sandhya persuaded the referee to say something and let Saravanan resume the match and the fans expect him to return to the city only after winning Rs 5 lakh.

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