Winter session of Parliament from today, government will introduce bill repealed agriculture law, may take a big decision on farmers’ movement

New Delhi | Parliament Winter Session: A big decision can come today regarding the farmers’ movement in protest against the three agricultural laws that have been going on in the country for a year. The winter session of Parliament is going to start from Monday. In such a situation, after being passed by the Lok Sabha on the first day of the winter session of Parliament, the bill to repeal three agricultural laws is likely to be introduced in the Rajya Sabha today.

Today’s session will be uproar
Parliament Winter Session: If sources are to be believed, today the first day of the winter session is likely to be uproar. The opposition is all set to surround them after the central government’s decision to withdraw the controversial agricultural laws. Along with this, there is a possibility of a lot of uproar in the Parliament regarding many other matters like Pegasus espionage dispute, inflation, unemployment and Chinese encroachment.

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Parliament Winter Session: According to sources, three Agriculture Law Repeal Bill-2021 has been listed for passing in Lok Sabha. After the bill is passed in the Lok Sabha, it will be brought to the Rajya Sabha. Let us tell you that the Prime Minister had announced the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws and asked the farmers to end the agitation. However, farmers are still stuck on the borders. Now it has to be seen that what is the attitude of the farmers after the government takes one more step on agriculture today.

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Opposition’s suggestions will be paramount for the government
An all-party meeting was called by the government on Sunday, a day before the start of the winter session of Parliament on Monday. In this meeting, all the opposition parties were assured by the Central Government that the government would seriously consider the positive suggestions of the opposition.

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