With two electoral systems and a pandemic: how to vote on Sunday

How to enter, how to behave at the table, where to leave, what to do, what not to do. A protocol is “a set of formality rules that govern diplomatic and official acts and ceremonies,” according to a basic definition. And it is the term most heard during the last year and a half due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the steps that must be followed in any activity to avoid new infections and sustain openings.

The primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections (STEP) next Sunday also have their own protocol -in this case sanitary-, which was agreed between the National electoral secretariats (with the signature of María Magdalena Domínguez) and Provincial (in charge of Pablo Ayala) and establishes the provisions that must be complied with in the polling stations, and rules of conduct that polling authorities, voters, party prosecutors and the media must respect. 

The protocol “is intended to minimize the possibility of transmission of Covid-19 during the development of national and provincial elections” and will govern both the STEP this Sunday and the general elections of November 14.

There, all the steps to be followed for casting the vote are defined, but the functions of health facilitators and school health assistants are also described.

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In addition, a priority schedule is established for people with risk factors (from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.) and the recommendation to carry your own pen to sign the register is added.

Minimum distance of two meters; correct use of the chinstrap; permanent hygiene of hands, surfaces and spaces of shared use; do not exchange mate or utensils; Avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth, and ventilating the rooms frequently have been, for months, the recommendations common to the entire population. And they will also be present for those who participate in the electoral act next Sunday.


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