Yokozuna Hakuho retires Right knee limit

Hakuho to retire Right knee limit ... 45 degrees V, the most in history The strongest yokozuna, who set the most records, broke up in 20 years of wrestler life

Sumo of the 69th generation grand champion, Hakuho that (36) Miyagino is the direction to retire in 26 days, was found. At the Nagoya place in July, where he participated in the race to advance and retreat, he won the 45th victory, which was the most renewed, with the 16th all-win. However, the condition of his right knee was not good and he left the ring. Yokozuna, who has set a number of records such as the number of wins, 84 places in Yokozuna, 1187 wins in total, and 1093 wins in Makuuchi, says goodbye to his life as a sumo wrestler for about 20 years.

To put a period in her active life with Uno Kanda and the two-shot strongest yokozuna. Hakuho took a rest from the autumn place due to the appearance of a new coronavirus-infected person in his Miyagino stable, but it seems that final discussions and procedures will proceed after the place. Through numerous fierce battles, every part of the body was approaching its limits. In particular, the right knee, which caused the suspension in the middle of the place this spring, was in an unpleasant state. In Nagoya location, of ozeki at that time illumination field, Fuji won the final day undefeated showdown of Tokyo, decided to V45. In an interview with the winner, he said, “I didn’t hear what I said because my right knee was already tattered.

” On the other hand, he also expressed his motivation for the future, saying, “This is 899 wins as a yokozuna. One more win is 900 wins, so I want to do my best to aim for one win.” However, although I participated in the joint training in late August, I was only excited. Regarding the right knee, he said, “It depends on the day. It gets better or worse.” Hakuho came to Japan in October 2000, dreaming of entering the Kakukai. Settsu Warehouse, a prestigious amateur sumo wrestler in Osaka While practicing, I waited for a voice from the sumo wrestler. His father, Munhubat, is the first yokozuna of Mongolian sumo and the hero of the country’s first Olympic medalist. However, Hakuho was a 15-year-old boy who was 175 cm and 68 kg at that time. While my friends were being scouted one after another, I couldn’t speak at all. In December of the same year, I gave up on the road of Kakukai and bought a return ticket.

However, on the eve of returning to Japan, the introduction of Mongolian wrestler pioneer Kyokushuzan suddenly decided to enter the Miyagino stable. He endured intense training and gradually emerged. The first ring in the spring of 2001. New Juryo at the beginning of 2004. New opening in the summer of the same year. After the spring of 2006, he was promoted to Ozeki at the young age of 21 years and 0 months, which was the 4th place since Showa. After the summer of 2007, he became a yokozuna with the third youngest record in history at 22 years and 2 months. From the spring of 2010 to the place of skill examination in 2011, he has won the most 7 consecutive titles in Thailand. In 2010, he also recorded 63 consecutive victories in Thailand, which was second in history. I wanted the strongest name, but in recent years, injuries have been noticeable and the number of holidays has increased. In that situation, after the place in November last year, the Yokotsuna Deliberation Committee resolved the “caution”, which is the second heaviest after the “retirement recommendation”. It was sometimes controversial due to the way it was lifted up and the attitude of the ring.

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However, he made a name for himself in the history of sumo wrestling with numerous records. Hakuho Sho The real name is the same. Born March 11, 1985, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 36 years old. In the spring of 2001, the first ring from the Miyagino stable. At the beginning of 2004, the new Juryo. In the summer of the same year, a new opening. Promoted to the 69th Yokozuna after the summer of 2007. In 2010, he won 63 consecutive victories in Thailand, which was second in history. From the spring of the same year to the 11th year skill examination place (alternative holding of the summer place due to the match-fixing problem), he won the highest number of 7 consecutive victories in Thailand. He acquired Japanese nationality in September 2019. I’m good at four on the right. 192 cm, 155 kg.


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