Young entrepreneur JoshfromYNC gets his first celebrity boxing client, Sam

It is predicted to be an event of a lifetime that fans should never miss out on, says the rapper.

Joshua Heatherington also known as JoshfromYNC, born on September 22, 1993, is a young hip-hop artist from Wheeling, West Virginia, who has been known of late for his music which has gone viral making him a celebrity of sorts within no time. Not only is he famous in his region, but has also made a strong impact on a global platform by traveling across the globe and winning back-to-back showcases for This is 50 in Queens, New York, and Bad Boy Records in Newark, New Jersey. He has also been working with a lot of celebrity artists, which has made him a known figure around the music sphere.

Now, this young artist is going a step ahead as he along with Jo Jo Simmons in collaboration with the owner of celebrity boxing has got Sam Wright from ‘Growing up hip hop’ to participate in the celebrity boxing to be held on November 6th at The Showboat in Atlantic City. The news has already created a lot of buzz around it, and fans are waiting with bated breath for the big day. JoshfromYNC is slated to perform at the event, and the tickets are already up for grabs on his Instagram: www.instagram.com/joshfromync. JoshfromYNC has been working with WhosHouseEnt’s own Jo Jo Simmons for quite some time now. Jo Jo was the reason behind getting him on board on national TV’s ‘Growing up hip-hop’, to setting up big showcases and major meetings for him. They both have even worked in a movie in Ohio with Icon World Studios, which is entertaining to the core and is set to release soon.

Talking about the celebrity boxing event, JoshfromYNC says that he and Jo-Jo Simmons had started the process a month ago and the contract had been signed, sealed and delivered some time back. “The fight will be the most talked-about event of the year and if Sam wins this he will be the lightweight hip-hop world champion. This is one of the biggest opportunities for him as this will lead to more fights in the future if Sam gets the job done in the ring,” says the rap artist.

To keep updated about the celebrity boxing event, follow its Instagram: @celebrityboxing1.

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