How Miami’s Roberto Boligan Is Giving Flight To Dreams In The Middle East

Roberto Boligan, 39 is an entrepreneur, software developer and philanthropist from Miami, Florida. Boligan is every bit as energetic and loving as his city, and uses his riches to enrich the lives of others.

Boligan’s early life and upbringing is defined by a sense of instability and isolation. He grew up in a single parent household, and had to start working seriously at just 19. Since then, he has forged his journey as an entrepreneur through trial and error and has found massive success through the lessons he learned.

His most successful ventures has been the Summit Software- a loan resolution platform that offers simple yet effective DIY solutions for loan resolutions. Through this platform, many struggling households and individuals have managed to stay afloat and come out of crippling debt. However, we have heard some reports that Boligan is considering closing the operations at Summit Software after allowing existing users to finish their journey of loan resolution.

These reports cite that Boligan is passionately dedicated to his new company – Favor Games and does not want to dilute his attention and energy for multiple things. Favor Games is a powerhouse of a video game development studio where Boligan and his team have big dreams. They are working to build Favor Games to the status of a multimillion dollar studio which produces unique video games where positivity and good values take centre stage – unlike the wildly popular video games we know today which are characterised by isolation and violence.

Boligan’s vision has always been to serve society and humanity at large, and his work never fails to reflect this aspiration. Throughout his career as a software developer and entrepreneur, he has used his position to uplift the people in impoverished third world countries through aiding in software development and education. Many kids from the Middle East have grown up with the benefits of Boligan’s philanthropy, and have honed their talents to find success and respect in life.

Roberto Boligan is deeply committed to uplifting all marginalised and impoverished communities, because in his eyes, everyone deserves the warmth of kindness and understanding. He believes that if everyone becomes willing to use their voice and power for good, no one would have to worry about giving up on their dreams and then only, will we be able to achieve humanity’s true potential.

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