Strong Fan Reactions to Dillon Danis Sharing Intimate Video of Nina Agdal’s Bedroom PSA

Dillon Danis is set to face Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing match scheduled for October 14. The fight will be part of an event headlined by KSI’s grudge match with Tommy Fury, both putting their undefeated records on the line.

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Before his upcoming match against Logan Paul, Dillon Danis has targeted Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. He has shared multiple photos of her with other men, some of which have been edited, alleging inappropriate behavior on her part.

Recently, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist took to Twitter and shared a brief clip where Adgal expresses her frustration about her intimate life during the time the video was made. The decision to share this video surprised Danis’ fans.

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One of Danis’ followers asked about how he obtained the clip:

“How did you get this?”

Another follower noticed Danis frequently attacking Logan Paul and Nina Agdal:

“He finds a new way to attack them every day.”

A fan labeled this video as Danis’ harshest attack on Agdal:

“This is the worst one yet.”

Another follower expressed surprise at how Danis got hold of these videos:

“How do you even find these videos?”

Check out a compilation of fan reactions below:

Fan reactions
Fan reactions
Why did Dillon Danis pull out of his fight with KSI?

Before his scheduled match against Logan Paul, Danis was initially set to fight KSI, who had previously fought Logan Paul. However, doubts arose regarding Danis’ commitment to the fight, with MMA journalist Ariel Helwani questioning his participation.

As expected, Danis withdrew from the bout after not attending the pre-fight press conference. Though his reasons remain undisclosed, the event promoter mentioned Danis’ struggle with weight, lack of preparation, and inability to find a boxing coach at the time.

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