Afghan Self-Defense Forces aircraft, waiting for neighboring countries Is it difficult to evacuate new countries?

On the 27th, the government boarded a Japanese national who wished to evacuate from Afghanistan on a Self-Defense Forces aircraft at the international airport in the capital Kabul and transported it to neighboring Pakistan. This will be the first evacuation of the SDF aircraft by the overseas evacuation mission. A total of four SDF transport aircraft and government aircraft dispatched to the site will be put on standby in neighboring countries in preparation for changes in the situation, but on the 28th, the U.S. military guarding the airport will start full-scale withdrawal work. , It seems difficult to evacuate local embassies, local staff of the International Cooperation Organization (JICA), and their families.

The government says that only a few Japanese remain in the area who did not wish to be evacuated immediately.

The government evacuated 12 Japanese embassy staff to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the 17th following the fall of the Islamist organization Taliban on the 15th, but only a few. In addition to Japanese, the embassy and JICA local staff were left behind. The deadline for withdrawal of the US military is approaching the end of the month, and the government decided to dispatch a Self-Defense Forces aircraft on the 23rd. Assuming that the number of people to be transported, including the families of local staff, would be “up to around 500,” two C130 transport aircraft, one C2 transport aircraft, and one government-only aircraft were dispatched to the site.

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The SDF aircraft arrived in Kabul after the night of the 25th. However, on the 26th, an explosion that appeared to be a suicide bomber occurred around the airport, and the evacuees were unable to reach the airport. It seems that traffic negotiations with the Taliban, which set up a checkpoint in front of the airport, were also difficult. The government rushed to evacuate, seeing the 27th as the de facto deadline.


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