14 year old film of late actor Irrfan Khan released

Bollywood’s late actor Irrfan Khan said goodbye to all of us forever about a year ago. Irfan Khan is certainly not among us today but he will always be alive in our hearts. Meanwhile, about 20 months after the death of Irrfan Khan, a 14-year-old movie of his has been released. The name of his film is ‘Murder at Teesri Manzil 302’. The same film has premiered on Zee5.

Let us tell you that Irfan was such an actor of Bollywood who used to kill his acting in the film. At the same time, a different style of Irrfan will be seen in his recently released 14-year-old film ‘Murder at Teesri Manzil 302’. In this film, Irrfan Khan will also be seen doing romantic songs and kissing scenes. Not only this, but Irfan will also be seen openly abusing a girl while intoxicated.

This movie of late actor Irrfan Khan is a suspense, thriller film. The film is based on Abhishek Dewan, an Indian businessman from Bangkok who gets kidnapped. On the other hand, after watching this film, heel will know what amazing this film will show.

lay ahead:

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