6 passengers from ‘high risk’ countries found infected in Maharashtra, now 7 days quarantine is mandatory for passengers, will have to be tested thrice

Mumbai | Covid New Guidelines Maharashtra: In view of the apprehensions of the threat of new variant ‘Omicron’ of Corona in India, the Disaster Management Authority of Maharashtra Government has put travelers coming to the state from ‘at risk’ countries in quarantine for 7 days from last night i.e. from Tuesday night. It is mandatory to stay. The Central Government has released an updated list of ‘at risk’ countries, according to which, European countries, Britain, South Africa, Brazil, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Israel are ‘at risk’. ‘ countries are in the category. On the other hand, there has been a stir after 6 passengers who reached Maharashtra from South Africa and other high-risk countries were found to be corona infected. The samples of all the passengers have been sent for genome sequencing.

Passengers will be screened three times
Covid New Guidelines Maharashtra: According to the guidelines of the Disaster Management Authority of Maharashtra Government, all travelers from ‘at risk’ countries will have to undergo three checks apart from being in quarantine for 7 days in the state. It will also be mandatory for such passengers to undergo RT-PCR test on the second, fourth and seventh day.

All this will have to be done when infected
According to the guidelines of the authority, if any passenger is found infected during this period, he will be admitted to the hospital. Even if his report comes negative, he will have to stay in home isolation for seven days. Regarding these guidelines, the state government has said that the travel guidelines issued by the Center on November 28 in view of ‘Omicron’, will act as ‘minimum restrictions’.

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Travel history will be removed, action will be taken on giving wrong information
According to the guideline, the information of all the passengers arriving on DCP Immigration and ITS international flights will be collected from the countries they have traveled in the last 15 days and then that information will also be cross checked. If anyone gives wrong information, action will be taken against him.

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