Amalapal photo floating in intoxication .. Semayya enjoys marriage only after divorce

Actress Amalapal is the dream girl of the fans in Tamil cinema at one time. While in the forefront of cinema, she fell in love with a famous director and married him, shocking everyone.

But a few months later a disagreement arose and she got divorced and is now back in cinema. Yet all the films he got embraced failure. Undaunted though, Amalapal continues to act in films that he wants to make progress in cinema somehow.

He also regularly posts sexy and controversial photos on his social media page to attract fans. Thus there are many opinions against him.

But Amalapal, who is not worried about it, continues to publish his photos. In that regard he has posted on his Instagram page a photo of himself currently with a cargo glass in hand.



In it he mentions that he is going to Dubai and shares the photo with the liquor in hand. He also posted another photo of him pouring cargo into the flight attendant class. Many fans have been giving negative comments to this photo of him, such as Thiruntave Matia.

Recently movie actresses have been sharing the photo with the glass in hand in order to advertise something a liquor. Even a few days ago, actress Kajal Agarwal, Royalakshmi, Ileana and others advertised the liquor of the leading company.



The post போதையில் மிதக்கும் அமலாபால் புகைப்படம் .. விவாகரத்துக்குப் தான் தான் செமையா என்ஜாய் பண்ணாங்க appeared first on Cinemapettai.

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