Arrest order issued for Ines Gomez Mont and her husband Victor Alvarez

The driver has already reacted after being accused of serious crimes

This Friday, September 10, it was announced that an arrest warrant had been issued against Inés Gómez Mont and her husband, the businessman, Victor Álvarez Puga because they were accused of the crimes of embezzlement, organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin.

Faced with this delicate situation, the driver decided to break the silence and through her Instagram account clarified that she or her husband had received an arrest warrant against her and they only found out what is said in the media.

“This evening different media investigated a capture warrant gave against me, my better half and others. We have not approached that request or to the proof that legitimizes it. Just to squeeze reports with incomplete and falsely spilled data, “he wrote in an assertion. “Realize that we are ready to confront this cycle and we will practice every one of our privileges,” he added.

Likewise, Inés Gómez Mont took the opportunity to thank fans, loved ones who have upheld them after the arrest warrant was announced: “To the people who have sent us their demeanors of help, I thank you with everything that is in me… I will keep you educated with regards to this tragic and difficult situation. Thank you for your adoration and God favor you “, he distributed.

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What are she and her husband accused of?

Inés Gómez Mont and her husband Victor Álvarez Puga are pointed out to stay with public money to be administered, which is popularly known as diversion of resources or corruption . Some versions affirm that the presenter had been accused of illicit enrichment since 2016, when she did not report income to the SAT. It is also ensured that the former driver of ‘Ventaneando’ had committed a fraud , thanks to operations with resources of illicit origin.

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