As of 2022, the UNAU in San Vicente adds the Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition to its academic offer

The rector of the UNAU, Magno Ibáñez, indicated that they are already enabled and authorized to open a degree in Nutrition at said university. The university is in its third year of academic activity, after in 2019 they will take the entrance course of their 4 university careers: University Technician in Agricultural Development, Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Physiatry, University Technician in Surgical Instrumentation, and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration .

Magno Ibáñez – FM República.

According to Ibáñez, through resolution No. 3350 of the Ministry of Education, the opening of the career by UNAU was enabled and validated at the national level, thus being the fifth proposal of the institution.

Bachelor of Nutrition

The rector mentioned that with this career the possibilities of the academic offer are expanded, and that it is important for its title at the national level. And also that they hope to open another degree on environment later.

“The important thing about this is that we are responding to a need, because it is going to be a career with important job opportunities, since in life we ​​all need nutritional advice”, Ibáñez mentioned, referring to the different areas in which a nutritionist is needed, such as in the area of ​​health, in gastronomy, in the area of ​​nutritional advice for people, children, athletes and adults.

Bachelor of Nutrition

He stressed that the professional in the nutritional area has a transcendental role and that in the San Vicente region it is important to have professionals who help to manage with the tools they can offer.

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For the rector, the career has an importance for San Vicente, since it opens the possibility that people decide to choose to live in the town to train, and that many young people are looking for accommodation, but they are not able to do so. In this sense, he said that businessmen should take this situation into account, since the university will allow exponential growth in all areas of the city and the province, which should try to provide students with what they need, since it could be a focus for people to train and grow.

This would imply, according to Ibáñez, having more teachers, more people in the administrative area, having non-teachers, people who make up the team to solve labor demands. “From all the point of view it implies an important growth”, express.

The rector mentioned that they integrate the life of the community and that they plan to reach the neighborhoods to talk about education, talk about health and all the activities carried out by the university.

Teaching quotas : Bachelor of Nutrition

Regarding the creation of new jobs conformed by the opening of this new career, the rector of the UNAU said that most of the non-teachers belong to the locality. And he said that teachers are trying to train people, who do not have experience, so that they can have a background and be able to appear in competitions.

And he clarified that people have to be trained that it is necessary for them to take courses and training in management and university teaching.

Registration for the race

Registration is open from November 29 to December 29 of the current year, it is a first pre-registration to join the entrance course in January 2022. And in the middle of the same month, they will carry out a second pre-registration with specific workshops to be able to join and take the aforementioned career in March / April of that year.

Bachelor of Nutrition

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