Bappi Lahiri Death: He used to consider himself ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ of the music industry

Famous singer and composer Bappi Lahiri is no more in this world. Bappi Lahiri had transformed the music industry with his disco music in the 70-80s. Bappi Da got a lot of fame because of his songs and compositions. Once upon a time, Bappi Da had called himself the ‘Amitabh Bachchan of the music industry’. His clothes and golden jewelry were also very popular. In such a situation, Bappi even said that Beyonce, Shakira and Eminem wear clothes like him. Let’s see his interesting incidents.

Bappi Lahiri had said this in an interview to Hindustan Times in 2009. According to him, there is Amitabh Bachchan in the film industry and Bappi Da in the music industry. But Amitabh Bachchan is 12 years older than me. In this statement, Bappi Da indirectly described himself as the Amitabh Bachchan of the music industry.

Shakira-Beyonce dress like me: Bappi Lahiri Bappi Da’s love for gold ornaments is well known. When asked a question on the competition with international artists, Bappi Da had said- ‘There is no competition but there are some singers who wear like me. Among the women are Beyonce, Shakira and among the men there are 50 Cent, Eminem and Akon.

This confident statement of the singer-composer was the result of his work. It cannot be denied that just as there is only one Amitabh Bachchan in Hindi cinema, in the same way there is really no other like Bappi Lahiri in the music industry. His disco music opened the way for the next generation.

Bappi Da had this disease

Bappi Lahiri, 69, was suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and a recurrent chest infection. Due to this serious problem, Bappi Da was admitted to Criticare Hospital in Juhu for 29 days. He was discharged from the hospital after recovering on 15 February. However, after being discharged, Bappi Da’s health deteriorated again and he was brought back to the hospital in a serious condition. At around 11:45 pm, Bappi Lahiri closed her eyes forever.

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