Belinda SURPRISES Christian Nodal and grabs him to KISSES in full concert in Las Vegas

After being captured on multiple occasions together in the United States, finally Belinda and Christian Nodal are publicly seen together and kissing , they show that their love is more alive than ever.

The singer appeared in Las Vegas on the occasion of the celebrations of the Independence of Mexico in the neighboring country, so he moved to the American union during the first days of the week and did so in the company of Beli.

The rumors about a possible appearance of Belinda on stage with Nodal grew after seeing them arrive together at the Laredo Airport in Texas.

As if this were not enough, Christian’s mother, Christy Nodal, shared a story eating with the Nodal family and you can slightly appreciate the presence of Belinda, with this, the rumors went away and speculation began about the role of the actress at the Las Vegas presentation.

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With kisses they silence the rumors of separation

Things are different now and now Belinda dares and surprises Christian Nodal in a full concert in Las Vegas to show that love is still going strong.

In addition to Nodal’s performance in Las Vegas, the couple has been making public appearances on other occasions, so the wedding plans that had been discussed at first seem to continue to the altar.

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