Bhabi ji is at home: Vibhuti has become Angoori’s brother

&TV’s show ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ has always enthralled the audience with its engaging and funny twists and turns. The upcoming story of the show is no different and the makers have planned to surprise the audience once again. A source from the sets has told us that in the upcoming story, Angoori Bhabi (Shubhang Atre) will be pregnant while the mischievous Vibhuti Narayan (Aasif Sheikh) will be seen as her brother!

In this story, Angoori tells Tiwari (Rohitashva Gaur) that she is pregnant and Tiwari gets very happy hearing this news. However, during this time Tiwari also tells Angoori that he wished he had a brother-in-law who would handle his business so that he could spend more time with Angoori. As soon as the news of Angoori’s pregnancy spread, her father Bhure Lal (Rakesh Bedi) comes with her to celebrate it and during most conversations they reveal that Angoori had a brother named Juttan, who lost her right after birth. went. Meanwhile, a midwife at the Mishra house tells Helen (Pratima Kazmi) that Vibhuti is not her son and unfortunately, Vibhuti overhears this. Vibhuti, annoyed at Angoori’s baby shower, insults Tiwari. And Tiwariji pushes them and tries to throw her out of the house. But Bhure sees his family mark on Vibhuti’s neck and claims that Vibhuti is his lost son and Angoori’s lost brother Juttan!

Shubhangi Atre, That is, Angoori Bhabi said, “This is one of the funniest and most intriguing sequences and the audience will burst into laughter after watching it. When Vibhuti learns that Angoori is his sister, his swaddling will be worth watching. But is this true or has Tiwari created another twisted story so that he can get a brother-in-law in the form of Vibhuti?

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