Biden said to China, Russia’s help will yield results

Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, US President Joe Biden on Friday warned Chinese President Xi Jinping of what implications for Beijing if his country (China) decides to help Russia, which is carrying out horrific attacks on Ukrainian cities. And there will be results. Biden backed a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Senior White House officials said the video call between Biden and Jinping was the first between the two leaders since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The conversation lasted a little less than 2 hours. Officials told media persons that the talks mainly focused on Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine and its implications for the international order, in addition to US-China relations.

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According to US officials, President Biden described measures aimed at preventing and responding to attacks, including sanctions on Russia. According to him, what could be the implications and consequences if China helps Russia which is attacking Ukraine. According to reports, however, a senior Biden administration official later declined to publicly explain “what the consequences could be for Beijing, a close ally of Moscow.”


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