Big announcement regarding FIFA WC 2026, total 104 matches will be played between 48 teams, know why the tournament has changed

FIFA World Cup 2026 will be organized in America, for which preparations have been started. Several changes have been made in the plan for the FIFA World Cup to be held after three years. Information has been shared by FIFA, in which detailed details of the preparations for the upcoming World Cup have been given.
According to FIFA’s statement, the next World Cup will be organized in a very different way. Actually FIFA World Cup 2026 is going to be very different and unique as 32 teams will not participate in this tournament. In the next World Cup, the number of 32 teams has been increased to 48 teams. In this situation, four teams each have been divided into 12 groups. However, earlier preparations were made to form 16 groups in which three teams each would be included.
However, according to the new format, FIFA has divided the four teams into 12 groups. According to FIFA, according to the new format, each team will have to play at least three matches in the World Cup. All these matches will be played with adequate breaks. The FIFA World Cup 2026 will be the first when 48 teams will participate in the tournament.
This is going to happen format
The FIFA World Cup 2026 is to be jointly organized by the US, Canada and Mexico. It was earlier decided for this World Cup that three teams would be included in each group. After this, the top two teams from each group will get a place in the knock outs. Although this decision has been changed.
In fact, a meeting was held in Rwanda’s capital Kigali on February 14 regarding the organization of the FIFA World Cup. Very important decisions have been taken in this meeting regarding the organization of FIFA World Cup. Regarding the tournament, it was decided that four teams would be placed in each group here. The top two teams will go through to the next round. Apart from this, the third-placed teams in the Best 8 will also get a chance to go to the next round. After this the knock out stage will start.
A century of matches will be held in the new format
According to the new format of the FIFA World Cup, in the year 2026, teams will get a chance to see a total of 104 matches in the tournament. The teams that qualify for the semi-finals and finals will have a chance to play eight matches each. However, only 64 matches were played in the FIFA World Cup till now, which were between 32 teams. At the same time, before the year 1998, 24 teams used to play in the World Cup.

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