Breach in PM Narendra Modi’s security: Who is responsible for his security, know how planning is done

Delhi | A major lapse was seen in the security of the Prime Minister on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the PM’s convoy was stuck on a flyover in Ferozepur due to the blockade by the protesters. The incident forced the PM to cancel his rally and other events in Punjab. The Union Home Ministry directed the state government to file a report immediately saying that it did not ensure the necessary deployment, while Home Minister Amit Shah said that such negligence of security procedure during the visit of the Prime Minister was completely unacceptable and accountable. Will be The incident sparked a major political controversy as the BJP alleged that the ruling Congress in Punjab tried to physically harm the prime minister, while other parties also attacked the state government over the law and order issue. On the defensive, Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi denied at a press conference that there was any security lapse or political motive behind it and said his government was open to an investigation. After this incident the focus is once again on the security of the PM and other VVIPs, which agencies are responsible for this and how the security details are planned. ( breach of security)

PM Modi Security Lapse:

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Who protects the PM?

The Special Protection Group (SPG) is primarily responsible for the safety and security of the Prime Minister. After the amendment in the SPG Act, the PM is the only VVIP who is protected by the agency. Wherever the SPG elite commando forces go, the innermost security cordon surrounds the PM. The PM’s security also includes personnel from other central and state security agencies such as the state police, central intelligence agencies and local LIUs. While the SPG is fully responsible for the security of the PM, the perimeter roads and the areas the PM visits are secured by the state police under the supervision of the SPG.

How is PM’s security plan? (breach of security)

The Prime Minister’s itinerary and minimum security details are carefully discussed, finalized and documented by central agencies in close coordination with the SPG. Central and state agencies are involved in the entire exercise. An Advanced Security Liaison (ASL) is also carried out by the SPG which is required to maintain every minute of the Prime Minister’s itinerary. Intelligence Bureau officers, police officers and district magistrates are involved in this exercise in the respective state. Whenever the PM visits any state, the local police conducts this program minute by minute under the supervision of the SPG. As part of ASL, the entire route and venue of PM’s entry is thoroughly sanitized by the state police force and clearance is issued by the head of the state police force, which will be re-evaluated and re-evaluated by the central agencies and SPG. is examined. Other measures include anti-sabotage checks, search of people who will be allowed by the Special Protection Group to come to the PM. (breach of security)

SPG’s Blue Book

Broad guidelines have been laid down in what is called the Blue Book of SPG. Three days before any planned tour, SPG officials conduct a mandatory ASL, with everyone involved in securing the event. Once the PM’s itinerary is discussed and the ASL report is prepared, all security arrangements are made. As per the laid down rules, alternate arrangements have to be made during the visit of VVIPs. Officials aware of the rules say that if a VVIP has to travel by air within a state, an alternate route via land should also be ensured in case of exigencies.

In the road show, the SP was posted in plain clothes for security.

If PM is taking land route, then it is the responsibility of the state police to secure the route for PM’s visit. Several contingency plans are also drawn up in case of an emergency that forces a last minute change in the PM’s itinerary. But under normal circumstances, the route, security deployment is decided in advance by the state police force and shared with the SPG. During public meetings, rallies and road shows, besides policemen, a SP is deployed in plain clothes for security. In the case of air travel, at least one alternate road route (if not more) is kept ready. At least 24 hours before the arrival of PM, a thorough rehearsal is done from airport/airstrip to venue to avoid any untoward incident and ensure safe travel of PM.

Home Ministry sought detailed report (breach of security)

In the statement, the home ministry said that in view of the contingency plan, the Punjab government would have to deploy additional security to secure any movement by road, which were clearly not deployed. Following this security lapse, it was decided to return to Bathinda airport, the statement said. The ministry has asked the Punjab government to fix the responsibility of this lapse and take strict action, the statement said. Some farmer organizations, including the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti, had announced that they would oppose Modi’s visit. BJP president JP Nadda alleged that Channi refused to speak over phone to address the matter. In a tweet, Nadda said that the tactics used by the Congress government in Punjab will hurt anyone who believes in democratic principles. ( breach of security)

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