Corona created an outcry in China, 52 people died in Shanghai, more than 20 million people will be tested in Beijing

Beijing. China is very much troubled by the corona virus infection. Along with Beijing, the situation in Shanghai is said to be the worst. According to local media reports, 52 people died due to infection in one day in Shanghai, which is called the economic capital of China. Whereas 51 people died in Shanghai a day earlier.

The situation in Beijing is also critical

Let us tell you that 1,661 cases of corona infection were reported in Shanghai. Apart from this, the situation in the capital Beijing is also very bad. After which the administration has decided to conduct corona test on a large scale in 11 districts of the capital on Tuesday. It is believed that more than 20 million people will be tested in a day in Beijing.

The local administration of Beijing has ordered all the people of the district to be tested three times. Apart from Tuesday, these tests will also be held on Wednesday and Friday. According to the National Health Commission’s report released on Tuesday, 1,908 cases of local transmission of infection were reported, out of which 1,661 cases were reported from Shanghai.

Some time ago videos from Shanghai surfaced on social media. In which the local people could be seen facing a lot of problems due to the strict lockdown. According to the video that surfaced, the local people had even warned the administrative officials of dire consequences. Actually, the highest number of corona cases are being reported in Shanghai. For which the administration is working under the Kovid zero policy.

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