Corona wreaks havoc on the world again! Situation deteriorated in many countries of Europe, 20 days lockdown in Austria, preparations going on here too

New Delhi | Lockdown in Austria: After creating an uproar in China in 2019, the corona virus, which infiltrated other countries of the world, has now become a terrible problem for the world. Corona virus has infected 257,520,965 people of the world, out of which 5,150,520 infected people have died. This virus, which has swallowed such a large population, is still not ending, but in new forms, it is creating panic in the countries of the world. Corona infection has once again created a furore in Europe.

Lockdown in Austria: The World Health Organization has also warned about this. World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus has said that for the first time in a week in European countries, Corona has reported the highest number of cases in a week. According to the report, during this period about 20 lakh cases were reported and about 27 thousand people died.

Record deaths Corona Russia

Corona cases are increasing again not only in China but also in Britain, America and Austria. In view of the ever-increasing cases, a 20-day lockdown has been imposed in Austria from Monday. On the other hand, the government of Germany has admitted that in the country fourth The wave has arrived. Vaccination is being made mandatory here.

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Things are deteriorating in America
The new delta variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly in America. A steady increase of cases is being seen here. Like November last year, there has been a jump in corona infection in America. The situation is continuously worsening and the situation is becoming like imposition of lockdown. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday issued a warning regarding travel to Germany and Denmark. In which travel restrictions have been issued in 75 places around the world. Most of them are European countries.

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20 days lockdown in Austria
A 20-day lockdown has been imposed in Austria in view of the increasing cases of corona. Unnecessary exit of people in Austria is prohibited during the lockdown. Restaurants and shops have been closed. All large scale events have been cancelled. Although schools and ‘day-care centers’ will remain open during this period, children have been advised to study at home.

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