Cut Meyriska’s child is given slimy cakes, Nikita Mirzani is emotional

Cut Meyriska confided in Nikita Mirzani about the behavior of her household assistant (ART). Unimaginable, the maid gave stale food to the child of Roger Danuarta’s wife.

Cut Meyriska found out about this condition after dismantling CCTV. He saw the household member using used rice to feed his son, Shaquille Kaili Danuarta.

“He took yesterday’s used rice and kept it as porridge. Meanwhile, he didn’t want to eat,” said Cut Meyriska on Langit Entertainment’s YouTube channel, Tuesday (10/8/2021).

Not only that, other foods that are not suitable for consumption are cakes that are already slimy.

“Then how many days have the cakes been sticky and sticky,” said the 28-year-old actress.

Shaquille Kaili Danuarta obviously immediately fell ill. More than a month the one-year-old baby developed the infection.

“My child has been infected for 1.5 months and has not recovered,” vented Cut Meyriska.

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This of course made Cut Meyriska worried. What’s more, apart from that action, his ART was also negligent, causing baby Shaquille to fall and hit the iron.

“I’m crazy, I’m really stressed,” said the actor from the film Jaran Goyang.

Nikita Mirzani who heard Cut Meyriska’s vent was emotional. He said that if it happened to him, the mother of three would not hesitate to slap him.

Well, if it was me, I’d hit it,” said Nikita Mirzani .

Now, Cut Meyriska’s household assistant no longer works with her. As anticipation, the film star Cinta Subuh pays attention to the background of his ART.

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