Dionne Stax and new lover captured on camera romantically

Dionne Stax (36) is head over heels in love and everyone should know! The presenter has recently been together with DJ Steven Jansen (28), known from the duo Lucas & Steve, and now shares a photo of them together for the first time on her Instagram.

The romantic snapshot was taken last weekend at the wedding of Steven’s DJ buddy Lucas de Wert. In the company of family and friends, he said ‘yes’ to his childhood sweetheart Evelien, with whom he has been together for eight years. “The setting was beautiful and my wife was more than beautiful,” he told RTL Boulevard. 

Dionne also had a good time, she writes with the photo: ‘We danced salsa here. Well, we tried. Anyway, it was nice. And beautiful.’

Dionne and Steven confirmed their relationship last month . The two were previously spotted by Weekend magazine , which published a few photos of the couple together. Last year, the two could still be seen together in the program De 3 star camping . Whether the spark was actually skipped there is (still) unknown. Until last year, the presenter was together with doctor Sytse Oudkerk for more than 2.5 years.

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Dionne was recently in the news when it was announced that she was making the switch from AVROTROS to Omroep MAX. Entertainment expert Rob Goossens wouldn’t be Rob Goossens if he didn’t have an opinion about it.


Simone is one of the first four anchors hired by SnewsLog, which launched in August. When snewslog was acquired by PNC then Simone started working with People News Chronicle.

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