Even if the hangover of Devdas is over… then how much will you have drunk…

New Delhi | New Year Party Drink : Most of the alcohol is served in the New Year’s party. It is also true that after the end of the party, many people, especially the youth, are afraid to go home. What is the reason behind this that after drinking alcohol, their condition worsens in intoxication and now it is in a hurry to take it off. So today we are going to tell you also the ways by which the intoxication of alcohol will go away immediately. No matter how much Devdas is intoxicated by these methods, you will be able to go home.

drink more fluids

New Year Party Drink : In case of excessive alcohol intoxication, you should drink the maximum amount of fluids. This leads to excessive sweating and also to the bathroom and vomiting. Due to this, there is a lack of dehydrated fluid in the body, in a while the person starts feeling normal.

eat carbohydrate food

New Year Party Drink : People with low blood sugar are forbidden to drink alcohol. The reason behind this is that by drinking alcohol, the blood sugar of the body becomes low. Therefore, after the intoxication of alcohol, solid food containing carbohydrates like rice, roti, lentils, bread etc. should be consumed. This will break the intoxication in a while.

New Year Party Drink :

Vitamin B eaters get hangover quickly

New Year Party Drink : Efforts should be made that along with alcohol, food that is rich in vitamin B should be used. It is clear in a survey that people who drank alcohol with food containing vitamin B did not suffer from hangover or worked.

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sour food is panacea

New Year Party Drink : You must have heard from many people that if you are intoxicated with alcohol, you should eat sour food. This also proves to be true in many respects. The biggest reason behind this is that by eating sour, your senses are opened and you slowly start coming to your senses.

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