Face-to-face classes are back at UNaM and the demand for applications in shelters increased

face-to-face classes at UNaM

Currently approximately 100 applications have been submitted, of which 60 have already submitted the corresponding papers. Based on years of experience, he indicated that generally half of the students who manage it are actually housed there.

32 students are in the accommodations of the National University of Misiones, and it is estimated that “next year there will be places available to meet the anticipated needs,” he said.

He specified that they have approximately 50 places, and in this instance, the corresponding documentation is received from all those housed in order to carry out the analysis and to evaluate the number of places available.

Regarding the educational presence, he said that “we are going to resume, I do not know if in the same way, but we will have more attendance of students in the corridors and on campus, and that produces a lot of joy.”

Ethan Hansen

Ethan Hansen founded snewslog which was lately acquired by People News Chronicle.

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