FIFA World Cup 2022: Seeing Neymar’s lookalike in the stadium, fans went crazy, crowd gathered to take selfie

The joy of football fans knew no bounds during the Brazil-Switzerland match in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Here he got a chance to meet Brazilian star footballer Neymar. The fans were very happy and excited to see Neymar. He was seen watching the match sitting in the stands of the stadium.
In fact, during the Brazil-Switzerland match on November 28, fans were quite surprised to see Neymar’s lookalike. The fans were quite surprised to see that lookalike. Neymar’s lookalike looks exactly like Neymar that the fans could not differentiate between their favorite player and his lookalike. Neymar’s lookalike kept watching the match in the stadium for a long time.
Fans were very excited to see Neymar’s lookalike in the stands of the stadium and were seen taking photos with him. Significantly, due to a knee injury, Neymar is not playing in the Brazil team in the World Cup. In such a situation, the fans felt that due to not being able to play in the team, they had come to the stadium to watch the match.
posted video on instagram
Neymar’s lookalike has himself shared the video on Instagram, in which he is seen giving autographs to the fans and taking selfies. Apart from the stadium, Neymar’s lookalikes are also surrounded by fans on the streets of Doha. It has become quite viral since the video was shared.
Neymar will not be part of the league match
Brazil’s star striker Neymar will miss his team’s last league match at the World Cup due to an ankle injury. The team doctor gave this information on Tuesday. Rodrigo Lassmar, Brazil’s team doctor, said Neymar would miss Friday’s last Group G match against Cameroon. Neymar could not even play in the match against Switzerland on Monday. Brazil won the match 1–0 and made it to the last 16. Brazil only need a draw against Cameroon to top the group. Let us tell you that the Brazilian football team, without its star striker Neymar, beat Switzerland 1.0 in the World Cup match. Entered the last 16 by defeating 0.

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