FIFA World Cup 2022: This mother from Kerala is crazy about Lionel Messi, reached Qatar to meet the player in a customized SUV

Dubai. The FIFA World Cup craze is not limited to the host country Qatar only, but it is also spreading its wings in India. A die-hard fan of Lionel Messi, a Kerala woman drove alone in her ‘customised SUV’ to Qatar to watch the star and her favorite team Argentina play. According to information, Naji Naushi, a mother of five children, started her journey from Kerala to Gulf countries on October 15 and reached UAE.
Thirty-three-year-old Noushi wanted to see her ‘hero’ Messi and Argentina play in the World Cup. Though she is devastated by the loss to Saudi Arabia by Argentina, she is still pinning her hopes on the victory of her favorite team in the next match. She told the media that I want to see my ‘hero’ Lionel Messi playing. The loss to Saudi Arabia was disappointing for me but I am sure it will be a minor hurdle in the way of winning the trophy.
Naushi first brought her ‘SUV’ from Mumbai to Oman. And incidentally, this right hand side ‘steering’ vehicle is the first Indian registered car to be shipped to the country. She started her journey from Muscat and reached UAE in her SUV from Hata border. During this, she also stopped to see Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building located in Dubai.
The SUV has an in-house ‘kitchen’ and a tent is attached to its roof. Naushi has named the car ‘Oolu’ which means ‘She’ (female) in Malayalam. Naushi has kept rice, water, flour, spices and other dry things in the car. He said that I try to cook myself. This definitely saves money and also reduces the risk of ‘food poisoning’.

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