FLACSO Argentina launches the Higher Diploma Management, Research and Pedagogical Uses of Archives in the Digital Age 2022

The growing digitization of archives of different formats opens up as many possibilities as challenges for researchers from various disciplines, teachers, librarians and professionals who work with archives.

At the same time, it forces us to review the pedagogical, communicational and curatorial practices linked to these pieces, digital or analog, that today circulate in a sea of ​​data.

This Diploma addresses dilemmas of archives in the digital age from a conceptual and practical approach. It questions the archives and the challenge of digitization from history, philosophy, archival science and pedagogy; while exploring uses of files of various formats.

Coordination: Darío Pulfer / Patricia Ferrante.

Teachers: María Inés Barbero, Victoria Basualdo, Samanta Casareto, Edgardo Castro, Lila Caimari, Fernando Devoto, Inés Dussel, Paula Félix Didier, Cora Gamarnik, Judith Gociol, Ana Guerra, Andrés Levinson, Gustavo Sorá, Nicolás Quiroga, among others .

Those interested must complete the registration form and send a copy of their CV to the following email: [email protected]

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