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student residences

The Ministry of Education of the Nation, through the Institute of Technological Education (INET), announced a special contribution to the institutions of Professional Technical Education with residences or shelters. The amount of the investment for the province is 34 million pesos and it is a specific allocation of an extraordinary nature.

The contribution is intended exclusively for public management agrotechnical schools and agricultural teaching institutes, so it will reach the Agricultural Education Institutes No. 1 (Bonpland), 2 (San Pedro), 3 (San Vicente), 4 (Loreto ), 6 (Campo Grande) and 9 (Colonia Aurora), as well as the Agrotechnical School of San Antonio, covering a total of more than 600 available places.

student residences

In this regard, Undersecretary Gilson Berger, commented: “This form of education, technical secondary, is very special because it allows our low-income students to access a quality secondary education that mobilizes the productive development of our province and empowers job opportunities for young missionaries. This contribution from the Nation will be very significant for the access to work of many students, and it will favor the economic and social development of Misiones. During 2021 we have delivered equipment to all technical schools, achieving greater access to technological tools that prepare our technicians and professionals for the world of work. Now we will strengthen access to the modality itself, improving conditions in shelters and student residences ”.

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This investment includes the revaluation and optimization of the space and the stay in the return to face-to-face classes, favors the implementation of strategies aimed at improving the stays and ensures the availability of essential supplies to guarantee the coverage of health, hygiene and habitability of the sheltered students.

student residences

From this allocation, equipment (durable goods) can be acquired to complete the bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms; favor the practice of games and sports, productive workshops, expression and recreational activities. Likewise, items for daily consumption such as personal hygiene products will be distributed to the sheltered students. Small building repairs and the purchase of spare parts and utensils for daily use will also be carried out to promote improvements in the organization of times and spaces related to life in the shelter.

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