How is this India becoming?

For seven years, efforts are being made to make India great. According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seven years ago India was such, where people had to be ashamed because of being born. After becoming the Prime Minister, he took the initiative to make India great again and due to his efforts, India is moving fast on the path of becoming great today. But the question is, was it the same in any period of history when India was great or when it was a Vishwaguru? Even a student of history knows that India was not like this then. At the time when India was the center of religion, spirituality, knowledge, science and trade, then India was a tolerant and universal religion. At that time in India there was no restriction on anyone’s eating, drinking, wearing, thinking, doing business or having a marriage relationship, nor were there any conditions imposed on them. Hindu Rashtra India Intolerance

Allama Iqbal wrote in ‘Tarana-e-Hind’, ‘Greece o Egypt and Roma have all disappeared from where, till now, but the rest of the name is ours, there is some thing that the celebrity does not fade away, our enemies have been visiting for centuries. . After all, what was that thing, due to which our personality does not fade away? Tolerance, harmony and equality of all religions are those things, due to which the reputation of this country has not been erased. There is no country in the whole world, where so many cultures exist together and where the continuity of civilization is maintained unabated for five thousand years. Of the four main civilizations that existed in ancient times, India is the only civilization that has continued to exist. Apart from this, not even the slightest remnants of the ancient civilization of China, Greece-Rome and Egypt-Mesopotamia have survived in these countries. The oldest of these civilizations is that of India, about which AL Basham wrote that, ‘the oldest thing written in the Old Testament is also later than the newest hymn of the Rigveda’. Despite this, its traditions are still in vogue today.

What is being built in the name of making such India great again? The way Donald Trump, in the name of making America great again, turned this most progressive and modern thinking country of the world into a divided, radical, intolerant and weak society, in the same way, for the last seven years, India has been treated as intolerant, ideological. economically bankrupt, economically poor and socio-religiously radicalized country. It is true that today’s India is not even a shadow of Vishwaguru India, but some religious, social and moral values ​​were left till today, from which it was expected that in future India would achieve its old glory. But now that too is being eliminated in a planned manner.


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In today’s India, in the name of religion and faith, circles of restrictions are being made all around. You can’t pray here. You can’t eat there. You can’t wear clothes of your choice. You can’t marry the way you want. You cannot sell certain goods in such a place. You can’t showcase your art. You cannot express your complaint publicly. Men and women cannot sit together in the park. People of opposite sex cannot massage each other in massage parlor. You cannot speak your mind even by going to another country of the world. This is a sign of a very scary time. Ignoring this will destroy India as a society.

What is the effort made to make India great for the last seven years? His achievement is that the sellers of Kashmiri shawls are being caught in Jharkhand by carrying them on their shoulders and they are being made to chant Jai Shri Ram! Munawwar Farooqui is caught and imprisoned for an unspoken joke, and then police in different states are canceling his events, anticipating a handful of rioters! In Gujarat, roadside carts are being removed to sell non-vegetarian items! In Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi, people have been stopped from offering Namaz in public places. Vir Das is being sued in India for standup comic in America! Many states have enacted laws to prevent people from marrying of their choice! The Assam government has banned people of opposite sex from massaging each other in massage parlors. Women sitting in pub are being assaulted in Bangalore! If you publicly express your complaint then you are booked under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), as was done in Tripura! If you go out to protest on the street, you are likely to be branded a traitor, charged with obstructing government business and damaging public property, and fined based on CCTV footage!

Even after doing so much to strengthen Hinduism and make the country great, Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, feels that the strength of the Hindus is decreasing. They do not know for what reason it felt like this but it is a fact that Hindu, his society, his religion and his country have been weakened by such incidents. Its basic strength of peace, tolerance, harmony and universal harmony has been eroded. Conspiracies to fight people in the name of religion, politics of caste division for votes, stopping the performance of art in the name of protecting religion, suppressing the voices of dissent to establish their single rule and progressive in the name of cultural purity Attempts to block ideas will eventually make the foundation of this country more hollow.

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