Hussain sahib made me rich with his colors..

, Ali Peter john

When the world, the world and the worldliness used to make Hussain sahib sick, he used to get admitted to a small hospital in an unknown hospital and used to give more like this on the ground in white clothes and with your colors.

I do not need to seek heaven to find and meet angels (angels). Here on earth I have my own heaven (Jannat) and I have such angels who can put God’s angels to shame and after my mother some of my best angels are KA Abbas, Sahir Ludhianvi, Sunil Dutt, Shahrukh Khan and more. Of course, the great man in the pictures above, Maqbool Fida Hussain (Don’t do it for God’s sake or whoever is dear to you, he says you don’t know who MF Hussain was and is forever)

I had the privilege of being a very close friend of the painter who came into my life like a daydream and stayed with me until some high level scoundrel drove him out of the country and replaced him like a king. – Stayed in place. Like Dubai and Qatar where he unfortunately died before he could fulfill most of his dreams, one of his dreams was to see me as a rich man. I can’t forget the time when he stopped his car outside Prabhu Kunj at 2 am where Nightingale lives and opened the trunk of the car with his hands and pointed at as many currency notes and told me to take as many notes as possible And I immediately turned down his generous offer and he said, “Aaj kal paisa hi khuda hai, keep money will work.” Otherwise you will remain like this and I will not approve of seeing you like this. It was one of the most unexpected scenes of my life and before he could talk any more about money, I told him I was happy as I was and then he took out his ambitious and expensive autobiography and handed it to me, Which was more precious to me than his car and even all the notes in the world (I’m not humble, but that’s how I am and I don’t think anyone or anything can replace me)

Hussain sahib used to try everything to make me rich. He presented me with a series of pictures of himself and the foolish man, I presented all those pictures to a beautiful woman who made me realize that she loved me, which was not true as I soon found out But the painting used to adorn the walls of her house and should still be a part of her wall because she was much smarter than this poor man and knew the value of Hussain Sahib’s paintings. God bless the angel who was not like an angel – as I believed she was.

Hussain sahib had painted the walls of some rich writers and actors on my recommendation. And what he did for the big walls of Yash Raj Studio will be remembered by both history and time.

And how can I forget that evening when he came to my house, walking barefoot in the sun for more than an hour? He prepared tea of ​​his choice in my wife’s kitchen and served it to my wife and me and also taught my wife how to make good tea. He had asked for a sheet of paper and took out his pen and painted a picture for my daughter Swati who was not at home. I did something silly again and lost that precious painting and now whenever I tell my friends about the painting sitting on one of the chairs in my house, they make fun of me and call me stupid and stupid Call and I don’t. I don’t worry at all because for me being closer to a saint than any saint anywhere was worth all the wealth.

Hussain sahib wanted me to write a script for him, but I was too busy with my fire and could not fulfill his ambition for me. A colleague had written his autobiography, but he was not satisfied with it. He had read my many articles and my columns (Ali’s notes) on screen and he gave me the richest compliment when he said that he wanted me to be able to write the story of his life and his work. He liked my writing so much that he even asked his famous friend (e.g. eminent photographer, JP Singhal). However, all that was an unfulfilled dream as Hussain Sahib had to leave the country under painful circumstances and his friend, Singhal, who was very keen that I should write his autobiography, also died and I was left with a dry basket full of dreams. who can never die.

Now that I have completed fifty years or more in my beloved profession and when people ask me how much money I have made and how many houses and cars I have, I just smile and tell myself that I am the best. I am rich man In the world because the kind of wealth I have, they can never have in many prosperous lives, they will be blessed by an unjust God.

Where have you gone, Hussain sahib, leaving me in the world of money and money?

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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