Israel defeated Austria 2: 5 in the World Cup qualifiers

A moment that will be remembered forever in the history books of Israeli sports: the team defeats Greater Austria 2: 5 in a huge game. Zehavi with a duo, Dabour, Weissman and Solomon added to complete the celebration

Rubbed your eyes and cheered for the team in blue and white: Israel achieves a big, huge, phenomenal victory over one of its direct competitors for second place in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers with a 5: 2 victory over the great Austrian team.

Exactly 22 years after that historic quintet and two and a half years after the team’s famous 2: 4 over same Austria when the Israeli star Eran Zehavi scored a hat-trick, this time the greatest conqueror of all time settled for a big duo that brought him closer to the Israeli goal queen ever in the team. In the great Spliger with 31 goals).

The group of the Austrian Willy Rotensteiner indeed figured out how to get us all to eat the cap and demonstrated that she has the extraordinary ability even against the groups on paper that are greater than us.

Presently, the Israeli group is in runner-up in house 6 toward the finish of the first round with 10 focuses, trailed by Scotland with 8 focuses and Austria third with 7. The Danish group, which will have the group on Tuesday, struggled against the Faroe Islands yet at last won and raised its equilibrium to – 15 focuses on the protected method to get ahead of everyone else.

So what did we have? A gigantic objective by the youthful star of Israel, Manor Solomon opened the festival with Sami Ofer, Mons Dabour, who got hatred whistles from the group all through the game, multiplied the outcome in the twentieth moment to 0: 2 and Eran Zehavi, who if not he, added the third In the 32nd moment. Scoured your eyes we previously said?

Promptly thereafter we got back to the real world, when Austria committed a major error in the protection and figured out how to return to 1-3 and toward the finish of a major portion of the group the outcome showed a benefit of 2 objectives.

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As of now toward the start of the subsequent a large portion of, the group returned once more, the pressing factor did its thing and shockingly retained the second objective from the feet of Christoph Baumgartner in the 54th moment and the outcome shows 2: 3. Yet, unexpectedly out of the blue, Sean Weissman came on as a substitute and scored his first objective in the group uniform, and raised the group to 2: 4 in the 59th moment in an excellent individual activity. The benefit was kept up with until the end notwithstanding extraordinary pressing factors from the Austrians lastly in the 90th moment Zehavi added his second and fifth of the group and accordingly arrived at 31 objectives in the blue-and-white uniform and is just a single objective away from looking at the record of Motla Spiegler. This is the means by which you end a year happily.

Priest of Culture and Sports Hili Trooper praised the group promptly toward the finish of the game when he said: “Congrats to the Israeli group on an incredible triumph, extraordinary appreciation to the players and the training staff for a magnificent game and fixation on what’s going on the field and not around. To Israel.”


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