Japan’s coach praised the team and said – players have amazing qualities

An important match is going to take place today in the FIFA World Cup between Japan and Croatia. Before the match, Japan’s coach Hajime Moriyasu has given a big statement. He said that his team has had a great performance in the last-16 stage of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Giving credit to the players of the team for this strong performance, the coach said that each player has his own specialty, which was very important for the team.
The Japanese team had defeated Germany and Spain to top Group E. After this, Japan will try to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup for the first time. Japan is scheduled to face Croatia on 5 December. The Japan coach said that discipline has always been there in the Japanese team. At present, the individual talent of the players is also making a lot of difference. 11 members of the Japan team also play with European teams.
He said that the Japanese team has been such that can organize and play well during the match. Individual players don’t get stronger, it’s really not enough. He said that if the time of the last four years is assessed, then it is clearly known that individual players have been very capable at every level.
According to the report, defender Uto Nagatomo made a strong comeback after falling behind in the matches against Germany and Spain. It is believed that similar strong performance can be seen in today’s match against Croatia. Japan has a chance to perform very well in the match against Croatia. Through this match, the Japanese team can show that it can fight like a samurai in front of any opposing team. Japan’s football team Itami is capable of fighting hard in front of any opponent.
He said that during the match it is necessary that the players enter the field with a strong mindset. If he enters the field with any kind of fear, he will not be able to make full use of his potential. Just like warriors also prepare their weapons before going into a war.
He said that football is also one such game, in which strategy and technique play a very important role. But no matter how strong the strategy and technique become, if the player remains scared on the field, then he will not be able to perform well in any situation. The game can be played only with courage on the field.

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