Know how teams and players are selected for FIFA World Cup, here is the complete process

There is only a short time left for the FIFA World Cup 2022 to begin. FIFA is considered to be the most popular of the sports tournaments in the world. FIFA, held once every four years, has the largest audience around the world. In this tournament, teams from several countries compete against each other to win the title of FIFA.
Let us tell you that football has a special importance and fan following at the international level, in view of which this tournament is the center of attraction for football fans around the world. At the same time, football fans also get a chance to see many legendary and brilliant players together in this tournament. According to the information, major teams like France, England, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Argentina are participating in this tournament, which has the power to change its trend.
Know what is FIFA World Cup
The FIFA World Cup is held every four years, through which the world gets the best football team. Through this a team proves to be the top team. Each continent has its own team, which is selected in a special way to participate in the World Cup. A total of 32 teams are fed in the FIFA World Cup, of which one team becomes the world champion.
A total of 32 teams will take part in the first round, which is called the group stage, which is divided into eight groups. Each team has to play with the other three teams of its group. The top two teams in the group will get a chance to advance to the knockout stage. 16 teams will reach this stage. A 90-minute match will be played between all the teams. If a result is not reached during this period, an additional 30 minutes of play will be played, in which a penalty shootout is also played.
Know what is the meaning of FIFA
FIFA is the global governing body of football that organizes all professional football competitions at the international level. FIFA is also the organizer of the Football World Cup. The full meaning of FIFA is “Federation Internationale de Football Association”. Its headquarter is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Currently, FIFA consists of 211 member countries around the world. The current president of FIFA is Gianni Infantino, who was elected to the position in 2016.
How many teams are there in the World Cup?
All FIFA member countries are eligible to participate in the FIFA World Cup. In this all teams go through continental qualification first to see which team will qualify for the FIFA World Cup tournament. In this way, only 32 teams are selected from all over the world which take part in the FIFA World Cup. A total of 32 teams will take part in the tournament for the FIFA World Cup 2022. These teams are divided into eight groups, after which four teams come in each group. World Cup is organized with these teams. However, during the next World Cup i.e. the World Cup to be held in the year 2026, the World Cup will be organized with 48 teams.
This is how players are selected
The head coach of each team selects 26 great players from the team to participate in the World Cup. Let us inform that 23 players were selected during the last World Cup, but this time the selection of players has been increased. The biggest challenge before the coaches of these teams is to select the players for the World Cup. In such a situation, the coaches keep a close watch on the players playing for their country and they are selected in the World Cup on the basis of their excellent performance in the past.
Explain that it is necessary for the player to have a passport of the country for which he has to play. At the same time, players who have dual citizenship have the right to choose which team they want to play. The special thing is that the players of the team also have the option to play for any other team, but they can use this option only till the age of 21. However, after the age of 21, a player can leave his team only once and join any other team.

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