Liga MX won All Star Skills against MLS

Mexico's best players beat the United States in the skills match 3-2 and 26-25 on aggregate.

In California, the All-Star Skills Challenge duel occurred where the best eight players from both Liga MX and Major League Soccer confronted each other with a triumph by just one point for the individuals who play in the Aztec competition: it was 26 to 25 . It was the review of the game that the stars will play this Wednesday

This expertise duel comprises of five unique tests in which the players should show their specialized capacities to gather more focuses and have the option to win . The victor of each challenge gets 5 focuses and the washout just 3, in the end they are added to get the champ. Just in the last test with Jonathan Rodriguez’s shot did Mexican soccer win.


In this test there was no rivalry. The MLS group was immeasurably predominant , taking the initial five focuses in the wake of winning 140-62. The test was to destroy focuses from the punishment mark with various focuses that were situated on objective.

On the United States, those responsible for playing this duel were Diego Rossi , Raúl Ruidíaz and the Argentine Lucas Zelarayán , the last who changed over the most . Rogelio Funes Mori , Orbelín Pineda and Diego Valdés contended on the Mexican side.


In this subsequent duel, the United States couldn’t beat the Mexicans because of the extraordinary presentation of Alexis Canelo . Despite the fact that Zelarayán gathered a few focuses, it was adequately not to conquer them and completed 161-134. The players needed to stash the ball in a screen with circles of various sizes that had various scores as indicated by the trouble.


Every one of the players had 60 seconds to hit the objective from the huge region subsequent to getting the focuses from their partners. The more terrific was the completion, the more focuses included instance of transformation for the last score.

In this test the Argentine Rogelio Funes Mori sparkled with his extraordinary volleys and gratitude to the great helps of his partner Sambueza in light of the fact that he figured out how to exploit over his opponent Ruidíaz with an aggregate of 85 focuses. Yet, minutes after the fact Canelo neglected to support that distinction from Ricardo Pepi, which offered triumph to the Americans by 105-100.


In this test, the exactness of the members was estimated. All through the battleground there were various targets and the player needed to hit any of them with his shot. The individuals who were further away scored a bigger number of focuses than the individuals who were found nearer. There was a moving target that if the players figured out how to present the ball in that they added 6 focuses, motivation behind why it was the most significant.

Two sets of the two groups were the members. Both the Zelarayán and Pepi pair and Nani and Rossi, on the MLS side, didn’t perform well and just figured out how to score five focuses. The delegates of Liga MX: Diego Valdés and Rubens Sambueza as far as it matters for them and Alexis Canelo and Cabecita Rodríguez for the other, accomplished 10 focuses tying the series.

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To complete the opposition, the eight players from each group took part in this test, four of them were situated in the court and the leftover 25 meters from the objective. The goal was for the ball to contact the crossbar until arriving at 25 focuses, so, all things considered the major parts in the court were empowered.

The two groups arrived at the objective all the while and gave the spot to their partners from the center. That is the means by which Jonathan Rodríguez, from Cruz Azul, turned into the legend of Mexico and characterized the series with a shot that hit the crossbar from midfield.

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