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‘Ullu’s shows today have captivated the audience in the world of OTT, their multi genre content, stories in tight and tight script and seasoned actors have taken the OTT platform to the sky high, Ullu Ki The latest offering, the web series ‘Exit’ is the talk of the town these days, starring Rajneesh Duggal, Vindhya Tiwari in lead roles along with Manish Goplani, Aparna Dixit and Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni. The show is directed by Rajeev Mendiratta, CEO, Ullu, Vibhu Agarwal and ‘Exit’ is produced by Seventh Sense Productions. Introducing a chat with the cast of this thrilling web series. First of all question the hero of this series Rajneesh Duggal:

With New Year’s greetings, let us know what’s on your mind about this series ‘Exit’?

First of all, with the best wishes of the new year, I pray that the whole world gets rid of the epidemic and it turns from pandemic to endemic. I want to tell about Exit which is produced by Ullu ji, Vibhu ji, Seventh Sense’s Kunal ji, Nitin ji and I am very thankful that they gave me a chance to play this character. In this, I am playing the character of Ravi.

Ravi is a character who is a loser of cricket and his life goes through a lot of struggle and tightness and he is tormented by the taunts of his wife (who is playing Vindhya) at home, that day to run the household expenses. The night keeps on doing some juggling. That is, living in constant stress, he keeps talking to his good friend Pintu (Manish Goplani) about these problems and also shares his grief with his six-year-old son. In such a situation, he thinks of committing such a fraud in which he disappears after insuring his wife’s life worth crores, showing himself as dead.

But then you have to watch nine episodes of ‘Exit’ to find out the way the insurance policy agent (who is playing Aparna) comes after us and how this fraud is exposed. The character of Jaanu ji is also very important in this series, in fact he is the root of this whole fraud, for which Ravi takes such a terrible step. Actually Ravi keeps on borrowing a lot from Jaanu and when he is unable to repay, Jaanu creates trouble in his life, and in order to recover his money, harass him so much, threatens to kill his son. If she threatens to take him away, she has to take this step to get out of this situation.

I really enjoyed playing Ravi. Was shooting for thirty days in Lucknow, great production, great direction. Our director Rajeev ji changed the on-the-spot direction several times, which was obviously for the betterment of the series. Now the question arises that why I agreed to do this series, that is because when I heard the story, I found the character of Ravi very challenging, a man who was such a great lover of cricket earlier, how did he deal with the circumstances. Takes such a decision of life, how to become a cheater, so I saw different shades in this role, so I did this series.

Now we asked Aparna Dixit, the important character of ‘Exit’, your character also seems to leave a different mark in this series, what would you say about this?

First of all, I want to wish you and all the readers a very Happy New Year, yes, the form of my character in ‘Exit’ is completely different. I have always tried to choose challenging roles in my acting career and I am playing Jenny in this series which I have never played before. When I was narrated this story, I was very excited to play this character, and it was really fun when I was starring in it on the sets and I want to thank our director Rajeev ji for this who directed it beautifully. Did.

This role is such that wherever and whenever someone tries to commit fraud with wickedness, there is also a person who is heavy on his cunning, that fraudster feels that he is the world. I am the smartest and most cunning deceiver, but he forgets that more than his intellect goes in fraud, someone’s mind goes into catching him. So I am playing that character who catches this fraud with her intelligence and cleverness. I had a different experience while working in this series, which you guys have never seen me in such a style, that style was that every scene of mine starts with a cigarette.

I think, Rajeev sir has written it with a lot of thought and it was very challenging for me to realize that thought on screen as I don’t smoke in real life. So smoking along with the dialogues had to be shown in an effortless manner, which I probably did well. If you see, you will not know that I have never smoked a cigarette before, I have tried to make it so smooth. You all used to ask me not Aparna which is your latest show, so yes, ‘Exit’ is my latest show which you all will enjoy.

In the midst of the conversation, Vindhya Tiwari, who plays the lead character of Ravi’s wife, was asked how she brought her character to life in the series. Vindhya said on this, along with saying Happy New Year to everyone, I want to thank Nitin Mishra ji that he suddenly told me that if anyone is our first choice for this character style, it is you, he gives me the character of the genre. I want to see. So thank you for recognizing my talent. I also want to thank Vibhu ji for putting so much faith in me and recognizing my talent, in such a situation, when there is more trust then the responsibility also increases.

And I would like to thank the director Rajeev sir ji for reading the script so well and telling me, sir, you will remember that day I took your autograph. Talking about my character, he is such a layered character, very few actors get a chance to play such a layered role and Shaily is one of those characters. Maybe you will love her very much and maybe at times you will wonder why she is like this, why does she do this? As Rajneesh ji told that I give him a lot of stress, so you see, you will know everything. It is a role that you will enjoy because style gives stress, never takes stress itself. She is a woman full of life, very enthusiastic, very contemporary, very interested in social media, always considers her husband Ravi ji (whom she calls Coach sahab) as the best in every respect and thinks that Why don’t they go on social media?

Then she makes such plans with her husband and husband’s friend Pintu like three triads. We have one of our favorite scenes in this, that picnic scene, it was a really picnic environment to do that, to be honest, every time I’ve read the script (at least fifty times) I’ve got to learn something different in that environment. From. When we finished that 30-day schedule, we realized how much we had fun. When you see this, you will not feel that all this acting is happening, everything will really seem to happen, moving in a flow. The content of this series will definitely make you content. We all had so much fun shooting this series.

The gun scene in it will be really memorable, it was the climax scene which we were shooting till late at night. Actually it is not so easy to operate a gun and the gun which was available at the time of shot was too small, I told Rajiv sir that I would not be able to operate such a small gun, so sir got it arranged from somewhere but that shot at once No, the shot was taken at least twelve times. So we all worked very hard, we used to forget that we have to eat food, go back to the hotel and sleep too, used to be so engrossed in shooting and Rajesh Diwakar sir (DOP) also used to get so immersed in his work that tell Can’t You all must watch this series, it will definitely be fun.

After a conversation with Vindhya, another important character of the film Pintu, played by Manish Goplani, asked him to share his experiences, and he said, “You got to know the outline of the story. I am playing the character of Ravi’s friend, who was very fond of playing cricket like Ravi. The two friends wanted to advance in the world of sports, go abroad with the cricket team, win the World Cup, but because they didn’t get any backing, they couldn’t make it, as is often the case with middle class people and Eventually, getting frustrated, Pintu means I start working in an insurance company and my friend becomes a coach.

We both friends, we support each other in every problem and when we get into any trouble, we try to solve it together. Similarly, once I support him in his fraud. So you will get to see in which direction this thrilling story progresses. Often we do not know what happens in fraud with the bank, so we will get information about new things in it. So just enjoy watching it.

Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni talks to another beautiful actress of this series, she tells, I am playing the role of Jaanu in this series, (looks at Rajneesh playing the role of coach and asks) Coach, what to do next to Jaanu necessary? Remember me, yes, Jaanu ji (laughs) I found it very challenging to play the character of Jaanu. Often we think that it is very easy to play the character of Villain, but it is not so, it is very difficult to play the character of Villain in a precise manner and for this I want to thank the director Rajeev ji, Nitin ji for this role. Have faith in me and I hope I live up to their belief. I really enjoyed doing this series, I enjoyed doing this series and I am sure you all will enjoy it too.

When the cast also asked the DOP of the series Rajesh Diwakar ji to say two words, he said, “For the last three years I have been working with Sir. It has been a wonderful experience doing six series in three years, it is also a lot of fun working with them because their stories are all different from each other. So while working on different subjects, we do a lot of new things. Everyone should do the same.

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