Middle Ring accident: The full story of the death of 19 citizens in the collision of a “trailer and a microbus”

Blood is still flowing on the middle ring road. Within 48 hours, the ring road claimed 25 victims and injured 4 others in two recent accidents on Wednesday, when a “Trella” collided with a “microbus” loaded with citizens on its way to Upper Egypt, and the accident resulted in the death of 19 citizens. After a “Trella” transport vehicle crossed the separation barrier and crossed in the opposite direction, to run over a microbus, and hours before that, there was an accident on the same road in the Badrashin area, where 6 workers were killed and 4 others were injured.

5 victims from one family

Preliminary investigations revealed that all the victims died in the collision and that the victims were from the governorates of Minya and Assiut, including a whole family consisting of a mother, her two daughters and their father. They were on their way back to their families on vacation from work.

The holiday turned into a funeral


A number of families, colleagues and relatives of the victims of the Middle Ring Road accident revealed to the investigation authorities that their families are from the village of Arab Abu Karim, affiliated with the Dayrout Center in Assiut, and all of them are victims of “for a living.”

The families said: There is a lineage and kinship relationship between the victims, most of whom are day laborers in Wadi al-Natrun, noting that the victims were returning to their hometown on vacation from work, “the Prophet’s birthday,” but God’s will was their death on the way.

The accident location


They added, “We received calls that a microbus was taking them, and he was hit by a trail, and we moved to the hospital while we were waiting to receive the bodies.”

The inspection revealed that the trolley driver collided with 3 lighting poles and the concrete barrier of the road coming from the Fayoum and Tagamoa areas, penetrating the barrier and the central island, and collided with a microbus taxi in the opposite direction.

Police barracks

Following the communication to the Traffic Operations Room, dozens of cranes were pushed to the middle ring road, specifically at the scene of the accident, and additional traffic services were paid to support the services there, and the Giza Security Directorate leaders moved to the scene of the accident, and the cranes were used to separate the two cars from each other, And removing the effects of the accident from the river road, which led to the disruption of traffic, as the motorists were busy rescuing the victims who could be rescued.

Movement back

Traffic returned to normal on the Central Ring Road after the effects of a heavy truck collision with a microbus were lifted yesterday afternoon, and the movement was restarted again without the need to make any traffic diversions.

Badrashin accident


Investigations revealed that the accident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning on the central ring road between a car loaded with workers heading to the factories area in 6th of October City, and a transport vehicle at the top of Saqqara Canal, and resulted in the death of 6 and the injury of 4 others. They get into the car on their way to work, and they are surprised by the collision.

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The Giza Security Directorate received a report stating that there had been a collision between two cars on the Middle Ring Road in Badrashin. Detectives on the death toll and the condition of the injured.

The Public Prosecution Office in southern Giza authorized the burial of the remaining victims of the Central Ring Road accident in Badrashin, after the number of victims rose to 6, and inquired about the health status of the injured to hear their statements about the accident.

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