Mumbai: Brother saw sister’s picture on friend’s status, then…

Thane | Mumbai Muder Crime News : It is often seen that a brother cannot tolerate seeing his sister with someone else. Especially when the other person is his own friend. One such case has come to the fore from the police station of Maharashtra. It has been told that a young man lost his cool after seeing the picture of his sister on the status of his friend. After this, the young man got angry and brutally murdered him along with a friend. The youth used a knife to commit the murder, which was later recovered by the police. Soon after the police started the investigation, both the accused youths have been arrested and they are being interrogated.

Mumbai Muder Crime News :

this is the case

Mumbai Muder Crime News : A youth living in Ulhasnagar of the police station saw the status of his friend where he saw his sister. The name of the young man’s friend is Vijay while the name of his sister is being told as Rupani. Seeing his sister’s picture on the friend’s phone, he became enraged and killed her. The young man mercilessly attacked his friend seven times, due to which he died on the spot. Some people had seen the accused youth and his friend leaving the flight, after which the police reached the accused while putting up CCTV footage.

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sister was having an affair

Mumbai Muder Crime News : Later, during interrogation, the accused told that I was not aware that my friend’s affair was going on with my sister. The accused says that if he had come to know about this earlier also, he would have done the same thing. According to the statement given to the police, he has no remorse for his actions. On the other hand, the sister says that she and the deceased had no affair but a normal friendship.

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