Nitin Talwar’s new venture Orrange Studioz is all set to give a global exposure to New Talent

Orrange Studioz, a newly created Music label focusing on modern music and “deliberate listening experiences,” is gaining popularity as a hit factory for the Indian music industry. Nitin Talwar founder of Orrange Studioz with the stated mission “to create deeper experiences with music” through contemporary releases by artists “exploring beyond standard sonic territories.” The label will strive to inspire young talents supported by special events and partnerships.

The label’s first project, “Tu Rovenga,” was shot in Hungary, Europe, and received worldwide acclaim and praise.

“Instead of music getting stuck in your head, we want your head to get lost in the music,” said by Nitin Talwar in a statement. “Orrange Studioz is all set to release songs back to back.

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“The Orrange Studioz’s team has created a distinct and compelling brand that invites new artists to explore modern music while centering the creative process. Through this label, we’re proud to work with some big names also from the Entertainment industry.

With more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Nitin himself has produced several blockbuster movies including Carry on Jatta (2012), Lucky Di Unlucky Story (2013), Singh vs Kaur (2013), Best of Luck (2013) and Faraar (2015) while distributing more than 50 films worldwide such as Baby, Roy, Creature, Ragini Mms 2 and Jatt & Juliet.

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