NMB48 Shibuya Nagisa talked about “variety is incomplete combustion”

Nagisa Shibuya of the idol group “NMB48” is an idol who can do great joy. It is a return that can not be imagined from the “loose fluffy” atmosphere, and it makes a lot of entertainers groan, and if you notice it, it is attracting attention as a new queen of variety idols. What is her goal to describe herself as “a pillar of NMB”? In addition, he approached 25-year-old Honne, such as justice that he confirmed in the bathroom and talk with his family.

―You celebrated your birthday on August 25th. How do you compare it to the 25-year-old you envisioned?

 It was completely different. My mother got married at the age of 23, so I imagined that I would get married at about 25, have children, and live in a mediocre way.

 During her lifetime, her grandmother died, leaving behind the words, “Nagisaki has different eyes, so go to the entertainment world. Immediately after that, I became an idol, so I think my grandmother is the one who is most pleased with her success.

-When you enter the entertainment world as your grandmother said, is there a “ball sword”?

 There is no basis, but it seems likely (laughs). It’s like marrying a rich man with a ball. To be honest, I wish I could be a little rich (laughs), but I would like to marry a sincere person like my father.

-Currently, I’m sought after for variety shows. It has become a presence that entertainers say, “It’s safe to be there.”

 I don’t really feel it myself, and I feel like I’m still climbing the stairs. Even if you say “Nagi-chan is interesting”, it’s incomplete combustion because I don’t have the ability. Furthermore, I haven’t been very satisfied with my life yet, and I often think that I still have the task of “I have to do more and more”.

-I always feel natural, but has it been a long time since you spoke slowly?

 I was imitated by my friends and family, and I really hated it and it was complex. I didn’t like this voice, how to talk, and smiles. However, what I thought was a weakness turned into an advantage when I got to say “Like” after joining NMB, and then I can naturally be myself, saying “This is fine”. It came to be.

 I don’t seem nervous, but I’m nervous. But you don’t know how many times in your life you’ll be invited to the show. So, I try my best to chew and have fun.

-Please tell us what you know when you appear on a variety show.

 Hmm, what is the knowledge? (Received an explanation …) Is it “building an irreplaceable standing position”? I think I’m being called (on the show) because I want the opinions of younger children. But any young child can take the place. Instead, I want to behave as I can only do it, so that people will think “I want Shibuya Nagisa here.”

 For that reason, when introduced at the opening, there are some stories that will make you understand “What kind of child is this child?” I will bring the topic.

 At first, I made a character, but I was so tired that I felt like I have tied up and not really myself, so I didn’t enjoy my work anymore. If I were myself, I wouldn’t lie, so from that point on, I decided to eliminate the characters and do my usual work with a normal heart.

―It’s your 10th year as a member of “NMB48” in December of this year.

 Nine years of idol life was hard. I’ve lived in NMB until I joined NMB, so after I joined NMB, I was compared with other people, and it made me feel uncomfortable because I was ranked with my close friends, and I didn’t want to lose to this child. It was the first experience in my life and it hurt me a lot at first. As I fought in such a situation, I began to think “upper” and learned for the first time that my unpleasant experience turned into my own strength.

 It’s a large group, so it can get buried with everyone. That’s why I faced myself, wondering what I liked, what I wanted to express, and what I wanted to be. No matter how different the people around me are, I value the justice of living here by absolutely protecting it.

-What is that “justice”?

 Do not change in a good way. No matter how much the position or environment changes, it is important to thank people and not forget their original intentions.

 It happened about five years ago, but in the toilet used by the members, a lot of paper for wiping hands overflowed from the trash can and fell on the floor. In the early days, I picked it up and put it in the trash can, but when I became a senior and had more jobs when I thought “I’m a little entertainer”, I said “I’ll pick up someone” and dropped the paper. I tried to leave the toilet as it was. At that time, “Oh, I changed.” If I went without picking it up here, it might be a little off now, but it gradually spreads, and my good parts and honest parts disappear. I went back to “Akan” and put the paper in the trash.

-Don’t forget your initial intentions, right?

 The existence of the family living together is also great. He checks NMB’s activities and appearance programs and says “Nagisaki is amazing”, but when he asks, for example, “What do you think about this?” Is that something wrong with me? Do you have anything you don’t like about that person? Point the arrow at yourself once. “

 It is also useful in variety. For example, who was it when the story flow turned into a weird atmosphere? Isn’t that what I could do? I will think about it. It is thanks to my parents that I came to think that way.

-At “Wide na Show” (Fuji TV), you said, “I’m doing my best with one pillar now.”

 I said (laughs). But I don’t really want to call it a single pillar, but I want everyone to become a bigger pillar. In the past, I used to do programs on NMB in the Kanto region, so I want to do it again, and that is my goal.

 We are still looking for 8th gen members, but NMB is a place where you can study a lot. I also have theater performances every day at a dedicated theater, and I have many opportunities to work with entertainers, so I think it’s a blessed environment.

 However, I have to graduate from NMB someday, and I want to graduate at the right time. But I’m not impatient. Right now, there is a sign called “NMB48”, and I’m allowed to appear on various programs because it’s interesting for idols to do great luck, so I’ll help “Nagisa Shibuya” a little more until I can fight properly as an individual. I would like to receive it and strengthen it.

-What are you aiming for from now on?

 Originally I entered NMB because I wanted to do acting work, but now I want to do my best with variety. Doesn’t it seem like there is a frame called variety talent? I don’t have the ability to survive and win, so I would like to try new things once I find a standing position.

-Finally, please tell us what makes Shibuya Nagisa.

 ”Family and watermelon”. When I returned from Tokyo, my dad said, “Nagi, buy a watermelon.” I think I ate about 6 balls for Honma this year. Watermelon is full of memories with my family, and it’s a reward for me after working hard. So I can do my best to eat watermelon and to have my family enjoy it.

[Postscript of the interview]

From the time I often met on Kansai programs, I thought that the greetings were solid, cute, and interesting … .. I was wondering if there was a bit of a character in the gap with the word sense that came out from the unfussy way of speaking, but I’m sorry … She is made by honesty, care, and effort. bottom. When I showed my grandparents’ key chain that I was carrying as a talisman, I was looking hard in the three pouches, saying that it wasn’t here … it wasn’t here. Such a natural place was also a Kyun point.

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■ Shibuya Nagisa

Born August 25, 1996, from Osaka prefecture. Joined the idol group NMB48 in 2012 as a 4th gen member. In 2014, he was selected for the first time with NMB48’s single “Takamine no Ringo”. Since then, he will continue to work as a core member of NMB48. 2021 YouTube channel “Nagi-chan Nell” is opened. From October of the same year, the first title program “-Nagisaki and Entertainer-Matching” (TV Asahi) will be broadcast, expanding the field of activity centered on variety shows. NMB48 is holding the 8th gen member audition until September 30, 2021.


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