OMG! Angry Girlfriend did acid attack after breakup, Boyfriend lost his eyesight

Iddukki. Girlfriend Throw acid video : In one-sided love, girls often have to face problems like acid attack. There have been many such cases from across the country in which acid attacks have been done on women and girls. But the matter we are talking about today is shocking in itself. A surprising case has come to light from Idukki district of Kerala. A young woman living here attacked a young man with acid. The reason behind this is that the young man had broken up with her a few days ago and he got engaged with some other girl.

Girlfriend Throw acid video :

couldn’t see anyone else

Girlfriend Throw acid video : A girl named Sheeba threw acid on Arun Kumar because they both had a breakup. After the breakup, Arun started hanging out with another girl, which Sheeba did not like at all. It has been told that both had met through social media and had even planned to marry each other. But then there was a quarrel between them about something, after which the girlfriend carried out the incident.

lost eye sight

Girlfriend Throw acid video : She fled from there after the girlfriend attacked her with acid. The passersby somehow took Arun to the hospital where after first aid he was sent to Thiruvananthapuram. Even after trying a lot, the doctors could not save the eyes of the young man. Later, the girl was arrested by the police, then it came to know that the girl’s hands were also burnt during such hanging.

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