Omicron’s four hundred and fifty patients

New Delhi. The number of patients of the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, has reached four and a half hundred. Omicron exploded in Rajasthan on Saturday and new variants in the state 21 People’s infection was confirmed. among these 11 people from jaipur, While six from Ajmer, Three from Udaipur and one from Maharashtra are included. 21 Number of Omicron infected in Rajasthan after new cases surfaced 22 exceeding 43 happened. Rajasthan has now become the state with the third highest number of Omicron infected patients in the country.

On Saturday, two new patients infected with Omicron were found in Maharashtra., After which the number of infected there increased 110 happened. Omicron’s in the capital Delhi 79 are patients. Number of infected in Rajasthan 43 has occurred. Tamil Nadu and Telangana also have a high number of Omicron patients. Meanwhile, the health officials of Rajasthan said that according to the guidelines of ICMR, samples of infected patients have to be sent to a lab in Pune or Delhi for genome sequencing. It has also been told by the government that all the patients are asymptomatic.

On the other hand, once again two new Omicron cases were found in Maharashtra on Saturday. increasing the total figure there 110 It is done, Whereas 57 The patients have recovered. Another Omicron case has also been identified in Kerala on Saturday. State Health Minister Veena George said that the new patient is a resident of Kannur. In this way the total of Omicron in the state is now 38 There have been cases.

In Telangana too, three patients have been identified late in the evening and six in Gujarat. In this way, now the total case of Omicron in the country has increased. 449 has reached. The third Omicron case of the state has been confirmed in Rae Bareli district of Uttar Pradesh. 15 The report of genome sequencing of a girl who returned to Rae Bareli from America on December has come to Omicron infected. before this 17 The elderly couple were found Omicron positive in Ghaziabad on the evening of December.

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