Operational Learn | 800,000 sixth grade students from all over the country will be evaluated

At a press conference, Perczyk pointed out that This evaluation aims to “build relevant and diagnostic information for decision-making” aimed at “guaranteeing the right to education.” for all children and adolescents in the country.

The Learning Operation 2021 is aimed at those around 770,000 sixth grade students from 23,000 elementary schools in the country and will be carried out by the Ministry of Education, through the Secretariat for Educational Evaluation and Information, within the framework of the National Plan for Educational Evaluation 2021-2022, approved by the Federal Council of Education and by the technical evaluation teams of all the provinces.

This instrument registers “a long tradition” in Argentina that began in 1993 with the National Evaluation Operation. Since then, although its name has changed over the years, it has allowed the country “to have statistical, continuous and recordable information,” the minister noted.

This year’s evaluation details

On this occasion, the «degree of mastery» that primary-level students have on the content and cognitive abilities of the subjects Language and Mathematics will be evaluated.

In the first case, the ability to interpret, extract, reflect and evaluate a material composed of short stories by established authors and expository texts, such as popular science articles, will be investigated, the authorities detailed.

Meanwhile, in Mathematics, problem solving and content related to numbers and operations, geometry and measurement, and statistics and probability will be evaluated.

The evaluation will be accompanied by instruments for the survey of sociodemographic data of each participating school and student, to identify “the different factors of a structural and contextual nature that affect learning,” indicated the educational portfolio.

The aim of these questionnaires is to collect information regarding school climate, school experience during the pandemic, perceptions about the school’s treatment of issues related to Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI), access and availability of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and work with students with disabilities, among other topics.

Previous data

German Lodola, Secretary of Evaluation and Educational Information (SEIE), assured that since the middle of the year they conducted a survey called «The voice of the students», from which they collected various “experiences and perceptions” of students and their families.

As “many countries and contemporary education” suggest, these dates -which will be announced in the coming months- may be linked to the results of the Learn Operation, thus articulating the “standardized” data with those “of a more subjective nature,” the official explained.


Faced with very uneven participation in each of the country’s jurisdictions, Lodola stressed that the expectation is «that there is participation, that the boys and girls go to give the testregardless of what the results are in terms of performance.

The results obtained will be used “as evidence to define policies” and not to make “an evaluation of the boys through their performance” in this exam.

«This year we are in a position to carry out the test, We do not know how much the level of participation will be given that we have two years of pandemic over and that can affect“Added Lodola at the press conference, which was also attended by the Secretary of Education, Silvina Gvritz.

A total of 1,113 head coordinators, 20,049 directors or supervisors, 38,520 teachers or applicators will be involved for the federal development of the operation.

The results of the Learn 2021 assessment will be available from June 2022, integrated in a report that will give an account of the situation of the primary level in Argentina during this year.

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