Parliament: A car without brakes?

The government withdrew the agricultural law in a hurry and suspended 12 members of the Rajya Sabha for the current session. It would not be surprising if the opposition parties completely boycott the current session of Parliament on both these issues, although some opposition MPs are of the opinion that the boycott should not be done. I also think that if the opposition boycotts both the Houses of Parliament, then it will not be of any use, but it will be easier for the ruling parties. They will get their introduced bills into law without debate. The attitude of this government means that it has given full freedom to the bureaucrats to present them as MLAs as they wish. What will be the result? Some laws may turn out to be good, but some laws can become a big headache like agricultural laws. If this happens in the present situation, will the blame not fall on the opposition’s forehead? The ruckus created by the opposition members in the Rajya Sabha in the last session was quite embarrassment. Some opposing members also pushed and thrashed the security personnel.

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu was so upset that his eyes filled with tears. For the last 60 years, I have also been watching the Parliament. I have never seen such a scene before and this time the whole country was watching that scene on TV channels. The ruling party also tried to consult the opposition parties before taking disciplinary action but they also boycotted it. In such a situation, 12 uproar members were suspended. According to Rule 256 of the Rajya Sabha, such action is taken while the session is in progress, which has been done 13 times before now but this is happening for the first time that the punishment for the offense committed in this session should be given in the next session. It is not right to unsettle this session because of this uproar in the last session.

What kind of democracy

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The uproarious MPs should apologize to the Rajya Sabha-Chairman and Vice-President Venkaiah for hurting them and promise to maintain decorum in future so that both the Houses of Parliament can run smoothly this time. If the opposition parties boycott these two houses, then they will be guilty of weakening the democratic system running in the country even more than before. The motor vehicle of Modi government keeps running very fast like this. If the opposing parties sit at home, then this car will be without brakes. In making this happen, the opposing parties may be looking for their advantage, but it will be very fatal for the country. Opposition parties should be more vocal in this dire situation and protect the health of Indian democracy.

Shivam Bangwal

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