Presidential election will not be affected

The suspense still persists regarding the assembly elections of five states including Uttar Pradesh. The Election Commission team has been asked by all the parties of Uttar Pradesh to conduct elections on time. But in view of the rapid spread of corona virus infection, a few days ago a judge of the Allahabad High Court appealed to the Prime Minister to postpone the election. After that Durga Shankar Mishra, a close official of the Prime Minister from Delhi, was sent back and made the Chief Secretary of the state. Because of this, it was being said that elections in the state can also be postponed. But due to the compulsion of the presidential election, the election may not be postponed.

However, it is not that if the elections to these five states are postponed, then the BJP will have any problem in getting its President. In the presidential election, the value of the vote of the legislators of all the states is equal to the value of the vote of the MPs, where the BJP has an overwhelming majority. BJP is in government in four of these five states. But only Uttar Pradesh is important in terms of the number of MLAs. The value of the vote of MLAs in the Electoral College of Presidential elections is close to five and a half lakhs, in which the value of the MLAs of Uttar Pradesh is 84 thousand and the value of the vote of the MLAs of the remaining four states is close to 20 thousand. If elections are not held in these states, then the required figure of majority will also be reduced.

On the other hand, the value of the votes of 543 MPs in the Lok Sabha is a little more than three lakh 84 thousand, in which the government has more than two lakh 35 thousand votes. The value of the votes of Rajya Sabha MPs is close to one lakh 65 thousand, out of which about 77 thousand votes belong to the government. That is, out of the total five and a half lakh votes of Parliament, the government has three lakh 12 thousand votes with the government. The votes of the parties that indirectly support the government are different. Similarly, in the votes of MLAs, the BJP, its allies and the parties giving indirect support have a very clear majority. So, postponement of elections to five states will not affect the government’s maths much in the presidential election.

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