Prohibition – Jeevdaya: India is unmatched

Two news stories caught my attention today. One, the Taliban government in Kabul confiscated three thousand liters of liquor and threw it into the Kabul river, and the other news is the resolution of Jain Muni Niyansagar! MP His goal was to collect proper food for the starving cows in the cowshed of Ashoknagar. He said that unless arrangements are made to feed these around 700 cows, they too will not eat or drink anything. As soon as his announcement was made, within 15 minutes, Jain devotees paid Rs 23 lakh. Collected and some Jain women took off their jewelery and placed them at the feet of Muniji. I find these two episodes to be linked. One is of drug addiction and the other is life of mercy!

Consumption of alcohol is not allowed in the Quran Sharif in the same way as in the Bible and some of our Indian scriptures. Some Muslim friends, citing a verse from the Qur’an, say that the Qur’an only says that drinking alcohol causes more harm than it is beneficial. If you are not intoxicated, you can drink a little. By interpreting the verse of the Quran in such a way, many Muslims take the exemption of drinking alcohol.

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During my visits to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, I have seen that there are taverns open in the basements of big Muslim leaders, military officers and industrialists, while in Muslim countries drinking is considered a legal offense and in some countries alcoholics After catching them, they are publicly whipped. The prohibition campaign of the Taliban is commendable.

Scriptures like Quran, Puranas, Bible etc. support the prohibition or not, but it is discarded because intoxication destroys the consciousness of man. Man does not remain a man. There is no difference between an animal and it. Such is the case of soul-compassion. No theology, not even the Bible, Puranas, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib etc. says anywhere that one who does not eat meat will become a lousy Christian or a lousy Hindu or a lousy Muslim or a lousy Sikh. Then why is it necessary to eat meat? Non-vegetarian food is expensive, unhealthy and is violent.

Meat can be of anyone, cow or pig! Both are inedible. Neither type of living beings should die of hunger – this is true soul-compassion. The history of India in the matter of vegetarianism and compassion is unmatched. There is no country in the world which can be compared with India. There are as many people in India who live a meat free and drug free life as in no other country in the world.

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