Rajasthan: Annoyed by the rejection, the student strangled the sand in the classroom itself, reached the hospital and asked – is he still alive…

Jaipur | Rajasthan Paali Girl News : A surprising case has come to light from Pali, Rajasthan. What a class 11th student, who is madly in unrequited love, did to the student studying with him, that is hardly possible for any children who read and write. On not accepting the proposal, the student slit the girl’s throat with a blade. By the time the student could recover in this sudden attack, a lot of damage had been done. As soon as the teachers of the school came to know about this, the girl was immediately rushed to the hospital. In view of the condition of the girl student, after first aid, she was referred to the district hospital in Pali. This matter is being told of Marwar Junction police station.

Rajasthan Paali Girl News :

student asked is alive or dead

Rajasthan Paali Girl News : The teachers of the school and the villagers were also surprised by the act of the madman student. But then the question that the student asked after reaching the hospital was even more disturbing. After misbehaving with the student in the school, the student also reached the hospital. The first question the student asked after reaching the hospital was whether she was alive or dead. Other students of the class told that he had been harassing the girl for a long time. He once wrote ‘I love you’ on the black board of the class.

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screaming sound from the classroom

Rajasthan Paali Girl News School staff told that suddenly after lunch, screaming sounds started coming from the classroom. When everyone reached there, the girl’s throat was bleeding. The school teachers along with other staff somehow took the girl to the hospital. Even the girl student is not in a position to tell anything. The accused student is said to be absconding after carrying out this incident. Giving information about the matter, Mohan Singh, in-charge of Marwar Junction station has said that after the arrest of the student, the whole truth will come out.

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