Rawat took command

Harish Rawat never had such problem, As he wrote in his tweet. The party high command-appointed in-charge Devendra Yadav is neither so big in stature nor is he capable of harassing a stalwart like Harish Rawat in the politics of the state. The real Harish Rawat tweeted outrage under a plan and put pressure on the party high command, After which Rahul Gandhi called and talked to everyone and handed over the command to Rawat. Keep in mind that Harish Rawat was already given everything by the party but he wanted the party to present him as the chief minister’s face.

The Congress made Rawat the chairman of the election campaign committee and his close leader Ganesh Gondiyal as the state president. But Rawat was not satisfied with this. He wanted his face to be the project and ticket distribution should also be in his hands. s / o, To put pressure on the party high command under a plan, he went to meet BJP leader and former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and then tweeted his displeasure. His pressure worked and Rahul called and said that he should do all the work. It is being told that Rahul gave him a free hand in campaigning from ticket fixing. According to a knowledgeable party leader, Rahul told Rawat – go win the election and run the government.

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