Rayyan Siddiqui On Hitting The Big Time In The Indian Entertainment Industry

Since our childhood, the majority of us have been fascinated by the Indian Entertainment Industry and most of us have always dreamt to be a part of it. Nonetheless, only people with talent & vision are the ones who hit the big time in this industry and one such eminent personality is Rayyan Siddiqui.

While other 19 years were busy fitting themselves to the societal norms, Rayyan already started his career by being India’s youngest creative producer with the debut film Client no.7 for ULLU Originals. Achieving this milestone at this young age wasn’t as effortless as it seems. But the creative bone in him allowed him to demolish the societal norms and make his name in the Entertainment Industry.

Today, he is one of the most renowned personalities in the Industry who has been featured as an actor in several short films & web series. Other than that, Rayyan also teams up with several influencers directly as a freelancer to enhance his skills. On asking further about it he says, ” Working & Collaborating with various influencers not only allow me to enhance my skillsets, but it also helps me to perceive the industry from their point of view.”

It is no news that, in today’s world, Entertainment Industry is very much dependent on social media. The way the A-listed celebrities present themselves via their respective social media platforms plays a significant role in their upcoming projects. So partnering with influencers also allows Rayyan to build a strong network in the industry.

To date, not only he has worked with several renowned production houses, but he has also built up his own production house named Enreel Films & Entertainment which has several projects with A-listed celebrities lined up. Other than that Rayyan has also come up with his performing arts & recording studio in Noida named Enreel Studio.

Making his way to the top, especially in the Entertainment Industry is tougher than usual. Every release date of the movie or web series can either make or break your career and no one is as aware of this fact as Rayyan Siddiqui. There’s a long way to go and a lot to achieve and we are sure that with Rayyan’s hard work, success will never remain far from his reach.

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